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Gym1 Cocoon Swing for Kids-B075TDZVTW

Product Code: B075TDZVTW
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  • Includes Cocoon Swing, Inflatable Cushion, and Pump

  • A fun, relaxing way to hang out!

  • Comfortable, machine washable fabric design

  • Calm down from sensory overload

  • No drilling, no holes, no damage to your doorway

  • The Gym1 Cocoon Swing provides a fun, comfortable, and secure place to hang out and lounge! Whether you just want to escape to a comfortable place, or are just looking to read, lounge or hangout, the Cocoon Swing System is perfect for any child. The cocoon swing is a fun and dynamic alternative to stationary bean-bag chairs or uncomfortable rocking chairs. Perfect for children with sensory needs! Swinging regulates the sensory processing system with vestibular motion. The Cocoon Swing provides a comfortable, safe, and secure place for children to calm down from sensory overload. Machine Washable Simply wash with your regular laundry to clean! Optimized to fit the Gym1 Core Unit. Without drilling or hammering, the Gym1 Core Unit attaches to your door frame like a home pull-up bar. Our patented Vise Grips adjust to fit your door frame and add another level of security. These Vise Grips supports swinging motion, while Gym1’s cantilevered design distributes the force to the walls around your doorway. The Gym1 Core Unit can support up to 300 pounds, so your child can safely swing to their heart’s content!

    Gym1 Cocoon Swing for Kids-B075TDZVTW